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Red squirrel image - original RBF website


The North East is home to many important plants and animals.  Some of these are common but declining species such as the skylark and the brown hare while others, such as the yellow marsh saxifrage, are rare species with their population stronghold in the region.

Some facts about North East species include:

  • 70% of the known English and Welsh sites for the large heath butterfly occur in Northumberland
  • The North East contains the only site in Britain at which Baltic bog-moss is found
  • Water rock-bristle is present in the region - one one of two sites in Britain for the species
  • The largest juniper colony in England is found in Upper Teesdale
  • One of the largest breeding colonies of grey seal is found on the north Northumberland coast
  • Over 80% of the English population of black grouse is found in the region
  • The North East conatins the northernmost population of dormouse in Britain

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