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Moorhouse-Upper Teesdale NNR:  English Nature/Peter Wakely

Heathland and Bogs

Much of the uplands of the North East are characterised by open moorlands with extensive tracts of heathland and blanket bog.  This can be seen especially in areas such as the North Pennines and the Northumberland National Park.  However, peatland sites are not just restricted to open moorland.  Important lowland heathland sites can be found close to urban centres on the coal measures of Durham and Northumberland, a few examples of lowland raised bogs - one of the most endangered habitats in Europe can still be found on the north Northumberland coastal plain, and within Kielder Forest can be found some of the best raised bogs in Europe.

Follow the links on the left to find out more about individual heathland and bog habitats.

Where can I see examples of heathland and bog in the North East?

Follow the links below for more information about heathland and bog sites that are owned or managed by members of the North East Biodiversity Forum.  Please note that some of the sites are in remote locations and may have difficult terrain - refer to the individual web page for more details about site access.

Upland Heathland

Moorhouse-Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve

Harbottle Crags Nature Reserve

Lowland Heathland

Greencroft Heath Local Nature Reserve

Waldridge Fell

Upland Bog

Falstone Moss

Moorhouse-Upper Teesdale National nature Reserve

Whitelee National Nature Reserve

Lowland Raised Bog

Ford Moss

Holburn Moss