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Bishop Middleham Quarry - EN/PeterWakely Birdís Eye Primrose - EN/Peter Wakely The Orchid Field, Cramlington - EN/Peter Wakely

Unimproved species-rich grasslands are a scarce and declining habitat nationally, and the North East region has important range of grassland habitats.  The Magnesian Limestone grasslands of east Durham, support a vegetation community that is found nowhere else in the world, while in the uplands of the Pennine Dales can be found examples of traditionally managed hay meadows.  The old mine spoils and river gravels of the North Pennines also support calaminarian grasslands - grasslands distinguished by the presence of species that can withstand soils contaminated with heavy metals.  Also of note are the parched grasslands of the Whin Sill - the quartz dolermite intrusion that forms the escapement on which the Roman Wall is built - a habitat distinct to the region.

Where can I see examples of grassland in the North East?

Follow the links below for more information about grassland sites that are owned or managed by members of the North East Biodiversity Forum.  Please note that some of the sites are in remote locations and may have difficult terrain - refer to the individual web page for more details about site access.

Magnesian Limestone grassland

Thrislington National Nature Reserve

Cassop Vale National Nature Reserve

Bishop Middleham Quarry

Wingate Local Nature Reserve

Crow Trees Local Nature Reserve

Little Wood Local Nature Reserve

Cleadon Hills Local Nature Reserve

Tunstall Hills Local Nature Reserve

Upland Calcareous Grassland

Moorhouse-Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve

Mill Burn

Upland Hay Meadows

Moorhouse-Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve

Hannah's Meadow

Lowland Meadows and Pastures

Little Harle Pasture

Big Waters

Summerhill and Stella Pasture

Low Newton Junction

Gravel Hole Nature Reserve

Whin Grassland

Roman Wall Escapement

North Northumberland coast

Lowland Dry Acid Grassland

Kyo Bogs Local Nature Reserve

Calaminarian Grassland

Williamston Nature Reserve

Beltingham River Gravels