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The North East has a wealth of different habitat types ranging upland heaths and traditional haymeadows to coastal cliffs and rich marine areas.

For individual descriptions of some of our most important habitats, follow the links on the left hand bar or links belows.

Crag Lough, Northumberland - Peter Wakely/English Nature Muckle Moss NNR - Bog Pool - English Nature/Peter Wakely Marsden Quarry, South Tyneside - Dave Mitchell/English Nature

The North East contains examples of all the UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitats listed below:

Upland oak woodland

Upland mixed ashwoods

Wet Woodland

Lowland mixed deciduous woodland

Wood Pasture and Parkland


Arable field margins

Coastal flood plain and grazing marsh

Lowland meadows

Upland hay meadows

Calaminarian grasslands

Lowland calcareous grassland

Upland calcareous grassland

Lowland dry acid grassland

Open mosiac habitats on previously developed land

Lowland heathland

Upland heathland

Inland rock outcrop and scree habitats

Purple moor-grass and rush pasture

Lowland fens

Upland flushes, fens and swamps


Lowland raised bogs

Blanket bog

Mesotrophic lakes

Eutrophic standing waters



Maritime cliffs and slopes

Coastal saltmarsh

Intertidal mud

Sea-grass beds

Saline lagoons

Horse Mussel beds

Sublittoral sands and gravels